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Adrestia's Revolt

Dionysus - Minimalist Climbing Leopard - Neutral Monochrome Black and White Illustration Wall Decor

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Tattoo inspired minimal climbing leopard on a simplistic whiite background. 

Inspired by the Greek God Dionysus, the god was often depicted with the gorgeous large wild cat; the mighty leopard. This intricate digitally hand illustrated climbing leopard, with tattoo inspired essences, is the perfect print for your living room, office or bedroom. 

This leopard channels your inner fierceness allowing you to face each day with pride. Allow the Adrestia leopard to enhance your powers and potential.  

Minimal but powerful, this print looks excellent framed, stand-alone or within other art within your neutral bedroom interior. 

Note: prints are unframed. 

Style tip: style our leopard along side our other empowering products such as the Perfectly Imperfect Goddess and Dionysus' uplifting productivity candle. See our page for more!

Also available on a sustainable black-powdered drink bottle

Extra Information

Framed: No

Different sizes available upon request.

Digitally hand illustrated by Georgie.

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