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The Owner

Hey, you! I'm Georgie, the face and creator behind Adrestia's Revolt. Thanks for exploring my site! 

I tried to be a 'faceless' business but I'm going to breakdown the fourth wall so we can be pals! You can never have too many pals, right? 

 Fun facts: I love tattoos and I love snakes & leopards. I have 3 snake tattoos and 2 leopard!


I hand craft all products you can see in my store! I have been crafting for two years with highest quality eco-friendly materials.

Here is me in my messy studio!

My Muse

I have always had a strong connection to my Greek-Cypriot heritage, especially to my beautiful YiaYia, Aphrodite.

I wanted to start a project where I could always feel connected to her as well as enjoying my favourite history subject: Greek mythology! 

 Here is a pic of Aphrodite and I circa 2001.

Where It All Began

Adrestia's Revolt was founded in the March of 2020. I started off creating affordable clothing with my dad, a screenprinter. The designs started off based entirely around Greek Mythology and trad tattoos.

Art prints soon came into the mix and then one day in November 2020, I discovered Jesmonite, and now we are here!

I am so thankful I have been priveledged enough to have this amazing journey with so much support from all over the world. 

Here is me wearing one of the original t-shirts in summer 2020! 

Our Name

'Adrestia' was (is) a deity in Greek Mythology, daughter of love legend Aphrodite and Eros. Although this fact isn't common knowledge. And no, we were not inspired by Assassins Creed game!

'Revolt' because fuck the patriarchy! Don't fit in, be you, do you. This is a safe space against society. 

The business has shifted a lot in the last few years so the name isn't as fitting but I still love it.