Creating Your Safe Space

Creating Your Safe Space

Everyone needs their own space to feel safe, warm and comfortable, whether you think you do or not. It’s in our human nature to have a place to retreat to each day, so let me help you build that space.

Step One: What is your most common mood? Establish what you’re feeling.

As of recent, I have noticed an increase of how many of us feel isolated, sad and fed up due to the UK lockdowns. And that is okay. If you’re feeling like this, I have the perfect products and home inspiration for you.

Accept how you are feeling. That’s my first rule.


Step Two: What is it you need?

Whether you need comfort, alone time or a relaxation space; address it. Ask yourself, what do you want right now?

Embrace what your mind, body and soul want.


Step Three: Let’s ensure you are choosing the correct products for your safe space!

What do you need? Calming colours are the first thing you should consider. Colour influences everything, it’s just how our western minds are cultivated!

But what are those colours? My personal favourites are pastels. Pastels are a neutral and safe bet for most people; did you know neutrals and pastels are a top UK interior design trend of 2021? And luckily, I have a variety of neutral home decor products just for you and your safe space.

Adding positive pastels  to your living space is essential for happy living and positive mindsets.

Neutral colours help to calm the mind and soul, and in this crazy and uncertain time we need all the zen space we can create.

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