Luxury Decor Inspired by Greek Mythology.

Est. 2020

Women Owned

Owned and made by me, Georgie!


Planet safe materials in production and packing! 


All handmade and packed by Georgie! 

Who Am I?

I am Georgie, 21 year old based in Kent, UK!


Fun facts: 

- My art is inspired by my Greek-Cypriot heritage, most importantly my Cypriot nana, Aphrodite. 


- I am heavily inspired by tattoos! 


- Despite the grumpy face, I don't take anything too seriously and have the sillest sense of humour! 


- I freelance content create, web-design and social media magic for the luxury hardware brand Clemo + Finch.


Connect with me!
Making Homes Look Pretty

My sole aim is to make your home look pretty, and that's exactly what I do! I strive to boost your mental health via my art using my interior design qualifications and mental health experience.


I want to help you make your home your own safe space. Let's do it together!


Work with me!

Adrestia's Revolt was founded in the March of 2020. I started off creating affordable clothing with my dad, a screenprinter. The designed started off based entirely around Greek Mythology and my beautiful YiaYia. Art prints soon came into the mix and then one day I discovered Jesmonite, and now we are here!


I am so thankful to be crafting you your perfect pieces. 

Ecofriendly Promise

I do everything I can to reduce my footprint on the earth while making a footprint in your homes! 


Compostable Packing

I use packaging that can be reused or is being reused, can be used as compost or decompose. 


Planet Safe Materials

I use Jesmonite to produce all decorative products. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly building material. 

Adrestia's Revolt Meaning

'Adrestia' was (is) a deity in Greek Mythology, daughter of love legend Aphrodite and Eros. 


'Revolt' because fuck the patriarchy! Don't fit in, be you, do you. This is a safe space against society. 

My Personal Favourite Products!
Where To Buy

Obviously, here! But you can also find us in a few other spots!